Nitrous gas is considered the safest sedative that is being used in the dental industry. Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, is totally adjustable, so the right dose is given for your child. Nitrous is a safe and effective way to help calm anxious children down and ensure that their experience in the dentist’s chair isn’t stressful or uncomfortable.

The gas itself helps diminish the gag reflex, and children are less likely to feel the need to vomit during treatment. After treatment is over, the special nose piece will remain on the nose, but instead of delivering nitrous, it delivers oxygen to effectively reverse the effects of the gas. Your child leaves the office with no side effects, and can go right back to school or the playground immediately.

About Nitrous Oxide

For a little more on nitrous oxide: within the past decade or so, sedation dentistry has been a growing part of the dental industry. It’s important to note that it is also highly regulated. Not all dentists are allowed to use nitrous oxide. All About Kids Dental has registered and permitted dentists on staff who are board certified, and who have years of experience using the technique in multiple kinds of procedures, to administer sedation medication to patients.

Sedation is normally used for younger children who are extremely nervous about having to go to the dentist. However at times, even adults are in need of sedation. At our office, we’re able and permitted to use oral conscious sedation on both minors and adults. As sedation isn’t always necessary, if you’re unsure whether your child will need the treatment, we’ll happily go over the ins and outs with you before your family reaches a decision.

Fear of the dentist is a reality. Countless children have done almost anything to keep from going to the dentist. There are adult patients who neglect dental work because of their fear. We go the extra mile to make sure all patients, no matter how young, feel comfortable with all of their visits. From the moment your child enters our offices, we make sure they feel as safe and sound as they would their own home.

Nitrous Oxide Safety

The Colorado Dental Board has set forth stringent regulations and rules that each dentist must follow to the letter in order to safely administer oral sedation for any of their patients be they small children, young adults or fully grown. Our certified dentists will go over the procedural and financial options available to you as well as cover the needs and medical history with each patient and his or her parents.

Our dentists have extensive training and experience using nitrous oxide and sedative medications in the dental office setting. Under nitrous oxide sedation, your child will still be awake, able to respond and breath on their own. They’ll ultimately feel relaxed and many of their anxious feelings will go away. Once the nose mask has been removed, the effects of nitrous oxide go away immediately.

If you are worried about the use of any kind of sedation or you have questions about how any of them are used at All About Kids Dental, please feel free to call us anytime and we will gladly discuss how and why we use them.