Going into any surgery requires serious consideration. If one of the dentists at All About Kids Dental determines that your child will benefit from an oral procedure, we will sit with you to work out the most effective way to correct your child’s issue. We believe that a positive experience in the dentist’s chair is an important contributor to ongoing enthusiasm for oral health, and we do everything we can to ensure your child feels safe and secure throughout the process.

Tooth extractions, frenectomy (a method used to fix tongue-tie), exposure of non-erupted teeth, or treatment of broken or teeth that have fallen out, are all procedures that we complete every day. Your children’s specific needs will be treated in the safest, most appropriate way when they are patients with us.

What to Expect

In the All About Kids Dental office, you will see that for the most part we allow parents to stay with their children during their procedures. We understand that it can be very tense for a kid not to have a parent around when surgery is recommended, and the feeling is likely worse for the parent in this situation. It’s our goal to make your family’s experience as relaxing and worry-free as possible.

Not all children are the same and many of the kids in our practice have special needs. Our doctors are experienced and they have the experience and are ready to treat children with physical, mental, or emotional needs. As opposed to the “olden days,” we don’t use any form of restraint system in treating children. The goal here is to keep our patients contented and reinforce the idea that going to the dentist doesn’t have to feel like a negative experience.

Sedation Options

Some children benefit from a level of sedation when undergoing oral surgery to help control their anxiety. We treat every child uniquely. At times, procedures can be done with local anesthesia and a great chairside manner. Other children might need nitrous oxide (sometimes referred to as “laughing gas”), while others require “sleepy juice”, an oral sedation, as well as various other forms of sedation.

While many parents are nervous about the use of nitrous oxide in general, you can be assured that modern techniques allow for an extremely safe sedation in our state-of-the-art office. We take pride in providing multiple anesthesia options, especially considering these choices make children not feel any pain during some very intensive procedures.

Some of the anesthetics we offer include nitrous oxide – a very safe sedative that won’t leave the patient unconscious. It will relax the patient and ease some of his or her anxieties. This “laughing gas” can also be used alongside other anesthesia options.

Oral sedation -i.e. cherry-flavored Valium-type liquids can be taken in our lobby before surgery begins. This is an excellent way to help your child feel at east. Oftentimes the child will end up being fairly sleepy for a number of hours after their oral surgery.

IV sedation – some children are very anxious and prefer to be sleepy. IV sedation is very safe and effective when done in a state-of-the-art facility such as the one at All About Kids Dental. We only use the latest anesthesia delivery systems and put together the anesthetic plan specifically for your child’s procedure. This may include any combination of the sedations mentioned above with each working to help relax or fight off anxiety in their own way.

Do you or your child need to see a dentist soon? Give All About Kids Dental a call and we’ll be glad to help set you up with an appointment and dental evaluation.